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What is a Cyst?

Cysts are common among both men and women. While they can be unsightly or uncomfortable, they are typically noncancerous. Cysts are sac-like cavities that are typically full of dead skin and can occur anywhere on the body. They can appear in all shapes and sizes and tend to feel like a pea-sized growth under the skin. Cysts that are larger in size are oftentimes removed and sent for evaluation to make sure they're in fact benign. Our Boston, MA practice, Skin Center Boston, treats a variety of cysts with the help of our highly skilled dermatologist, Dr. Vladyslava Doktor. For those with a cyst, she can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment strategy based on medical needs and history.

What Causes Cysts?

Cysts can appear for a number of reasons. Infection, tumors, disease, or illness are just a couple of things that could result in a cyst. Cysts tend to develop near a foreign object, like a piercing over the skin, or due to a clogged oil gland. Even though the majority of cysts are benign, some might be cancerous so it's important to have them checked out when they appear. Dermatologist Dr. Vladyslava Doktor will do a comprehensive analysis to reach a diagnosis regarding the formation of the cyst and create a treatment plan to eliminate it and any potential growths in the future.

Smooth Skin with Cyst Removal

Men and women who have cysts may find themselves uncomfortable in their own skin due to the size, location, and texture of their cyst. While not typically painful, they can cause worry, embarrassment, or unnecessary stress. At Skin Center Boston, we treat men and women with all variations of cysts. If you or a family member has a cyst, call dermatologist Dr. Vladyslava Doktor to schedule a consultation today.

What are the Symptoms of a Cyst?

Symptoms associated with cysts vary, depending on their location and size. Generally, cysts are discovered because they cause an abnormal bulge under the skin. While not always, sometimes the lumps are painful, particularly if they get inflamed or rupture. Some patients may also notice that the skin near their cyst starts to harden. Larger cysts can move organs, cause bodily disfigurement, and create emotional distress for some men and women. Most people experience minor cysts, which oftentimes don't have any associated symptoms other than the lump under the skin. In either case, it's important to contact dermatologist Dr. Vladyslava Doktor for a consultation.

What Are Treatment Options for a Cyst?

There are a number of different treatment options available at Skin Center Boston for those that need to have a cyst removed. General treatment for cysts typically includes draining it or removing the growth through surgery. Cysts that are swollen can typically be injected with cortisone, which will cause it to shrink in size. Generally speaking, all kinds of cysts can be treated once a proper diagnosis is established.

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