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What are Shingles?

Shingles is a skin condition known for an itchy, sensitive rash that's due to the varicella-zoster virus, the same virus that causes chickenpox. Dr. Vladyslava Doktor and her talented staff regularly treat shingles, which can appear anywhere on the body. In the majority of cases, shingles appear on the stomach and the sides of the face as a group of blisters. While it's more common for elderly people to develop shingles, teens and young adults can also get them. Most individuals who have a bout with shingles will heal quickly and will most likely never get them again. However, it may return for some patients. Research suggests that shingles are caused by a weakened immune system or a disturbance within the nervous system. At Skin Center Boston, we can treat shingles and reduce the chance of reoccurrence for Boston, Sherbon, Needham, and surrounding residents.

What causes shingles? 

Anybody who has had chickenpox is at risk of developing shingles because after healing from chickenpox, the virus can enter the nervous system and then lie dormant for many years. A weakened immune system caused by stress, disease, or overall aging can place an individual at a higher risk for shingles. It's not totally apparent why the virus is reactivated, but shingles can only develop — not a reoccurrence of chickenpox. There's also a small probability that an individual having a shingles rash can spread the virus to someone else who has never had chickenpox.

Obtain Relief Today

If you are experiencing pain or unsightly symptoms associated with shingles, please contact Skin Center Boston now to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive examination. Dermatologist Dr. Vladyslava Doktor and her team of highly trained medical professionals can document your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, and help you develop a treatment plan to reduce and mitigate symptoms of shingles.

What are the Symptoms of Shingles?

Shingles are usually only observable on a small portion of one side of the body. The most common symptoms are tingling, itching, burning, pain, and/or a reddish rash. These symptoms usually appear a few days after a person first begins experiencing pain. Other symptoms include sensitivity to touch, pus-filled blisters that can burst open and scab over, fever, headache, fatigue, and sensitivity to light. Some may feel as though they have the flu. Individuals who have shingles usually find their symptoms occur in stages with pain first and then observable symptoms following. Dermatologist Dr. Vladyslava Doktor and her team at Skin Center Boston are here to diagnose and treat Boston, MA area residents.

What are the Treatment Options for Shingles?

While there's no total cure for shingles, there are quite a few antiviral medications that can provide relief, clear up symptoms, and lower the probability of complications. Shingles is usually painful so Dr. Doktor can prescribe a topical numbing medication, such as a gel, cream, skin patch, or spray, to relieve pain. A pain relief ointment, like capsaicin cream or prescription painkillers, could also be prescribed in some cases. Sometimes, Dr. Doktor can prescribe an antidepressant to help handle the pain and symptoms and decrease the likelihood of pain in the area after the shingles rash has healed.

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